Class Descriptions


Our instructors offer a range of relevant yoga classes developed through years of experience with a variety of yoga styles and philosophies. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome. Check the current class schedules for your choices of:

Yoga Basics Plus (Jackie) – Practice the traditional yoga poses (asanas) with awareness, breath and intention. Savasana completes our practice. Open to all levels.

Chakra Balancing Flow (Jackie) – Gentle movement with breath, exploring through the chakra system of the body.  We always save time for relaxation at the end of the hour.  Open to all levels.

Aligned and Well Therapeutic Yoga (Jackie) – targeted towards the beginner yoga practitioner.  If you are new to the practice, I would encourage you to start here and see what you think and feel!   Some days we will start in chairs, and others we will start standing with a Chi Gong warm-up matched with the breath.  Alignment, breath and mindfulness in movement will be emphasized. Relaxation at the end.

Movement, Mantra, and Meditation (Jackie) – Begin with gentle movement, waking up the body in a focused and intentional way, matching our breath with each movement. Continue with some “soundings” of mantra and music; the session ends with a short guided meditation.  Open to all levels.

Jackie’s classes incorporate elements of poetry, inspirational readings, music, and yogic philosophy within the practice session.

Restorative Nidra (Megan) – We open with long-held, passive postures to invite the mind home into our bodies and drop into relaxation. Once the body is at ease, you will be guided through a calming meditation that will allow your mind and body to slip into an even deeper state of relaxation. No yoga experience is needed to fully benefit from this class.

Flow Yoga (Megan) – With a focus on breath and awareness, this energetic class mindfully layers asana, meditation and breathwork. Classes are modified to benefit the experienced beginner, intermediate and advanced yogi.

Slow Flow (Megan) – When we slow down, we relax the nervous system, focus on our breath, & deepen our awareness. In this flow class, we find a balance between stillness and movement, delving into the meditative practices of mindfulness of action and awareness of breathing. Classes are modified to benefit the beginner, intermediate and advanced yogi.

Vinyasa Flow (Sarah) – An all-levels yoga class designed to encourage practitioners to have fun with yoga. In this no-pressure, moderately active class, we explore basic and less common postures with creative transitions in between. The perfect yoga class for anyone looking to expand their practice and have some fun.

Explore and Restore (Sarah) – An anatomy-based class that draws from the principles of restorative, yin, and hatha yoga. We move slowly, and gently respond to common aches, pains, and limitations. Accessible to all levels and abilities.

Gentle Yoga 55+ (Janet) – This class takes all the benefits of yoga – meditation, breathing, stretching, strengthening and balance, in a relaxed setting. Perfect for beginners and the young at heart, if not body.

Kundalini Yoga (Rene) – “the yoga of awareness .”  It is a combination of Bhakti yoga (the yogic practice of devotion and chanting), Raja yoga (the practice of meditation / mental and physical control), and Shakti yoga (for the expression of power and energy).  Kundalini yoga helps people achieve their maximum creative potential and realize their life purpose.

Matworks Pilates with Sefi

Traditional mat work Pilates exercises to tone, strengthen and increase body awareness using flex bands, resistance bands and body rolling balls to release and elongate tight muscles, improve posture and restore the body to its optimal, neutral balance. Resistance training will include flex bands and mini bands. Suitable for all levels.

Ball Fusion with Sefi

Learn new exercises on the stability ball that help create greater body awareness. Exercise variation will target the upper and lower body including arms, shoulders, legs, abs, and balance in an all-around toning routine.  Suitable for participants who have some experience using a stability ball, but newcomers are welcome!

Tai Chi with Hans (8 classes, all levels)

An 8-week non-competitive basic class for women and men, using a progressive style and featuring a free form warm-up, structured training segment, and a complete 24-form Taoist style session. Tai Chi’s balance and agility practice helps prevent falls, improves posture, and breathing. Scientific studies have shown that Tai Chi can boost health, build immunity, and improve conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. Tai Chi also helps improve mental health, relieve depression, and reduce stress.

No equipment needed, just wear comfy clothes and a mask. 

Starts on December 8. The eight week program is FREE, however we suggest that each student donate 1,000 pesos. ALL the funds will go to our chosen charity or the East Cape Recycle initiative.