Class Descriptions


Our instructors offer a range of relevant yoga classes developed through years of experience with a variety of yoga styles and philosophies. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome. Check the current class schedules for your choices of:

Yoga Basics Plus (Jackie) – This class is for students who have some experience with a group yoga class or self-practice. We will always start with breath, and warm up with gentle spinal movements linked to breath. More challenging standing and balancing postures to follow–always keeping our attention in the present moment. Yoga philosophy, poetry, inspiring readings, and music complement the physical practice. .

Therapeutic Yoga (Jackie) – This class is tailor-made for any person who just needs to move more. You will not be asked to get down on the floor. We begin seated in chairs, check in with some breathing practices, and continue with upper body stretching and strengthening work, seated twists, and some hip and back stretches. Standing and balancing poses are next to keep us strong and upright. Relaxation always concludes the practice.

Gentle Yoga for Beginners and 55+ (Jackie) – This class is about movement with breath, focusing on strength, length, balance, and awareness. A perfect class for everyone–beginners to seasoned practitioners–this practice will enhance all the other sports and activities you do in your life.

MIXED BAG Movement Qi Gong/Yoga (Jackie) – Join us for a fun and diverse class. Qi Gong, ViniYoga (movement with breath), chanting, and a short guided meditation during relaxation. 100% donation class. All proceeds go to the Guild Scholarship Fund. Start out your weekend with this class, then check out the Saturday market right across the street.

Deepening Your Practice Yin Yoga/Crystal Bowl Sound Bath (Jackie) – Long-hold, floor-based practice. We slow it down to discover and meet ourselves in the moment. This intentionally deep practice targets the matrix of fascia that enfolds all the body’s tissues and organs. We gain new awareness of our habitual holding patterns and begin to slowly and gently untangle the years of tension and compression. If you tend to wake up stiff and tight, this is the perfect class for you.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Sarah) – THE Vinyasa Yoga class you’ve been looking for in Los Barriles! Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that links breath to physical yoga postures. Each class is different, but you can expect to develop strength, flexibility, and focus in all of them. A challenging class with plenty of modifications so you can get into your own groove. All levels welcome.

Saturday Yoga with Sarah A great yoga practice to kick off your weekend. Enjoy a little bit of everything from sun salutation variations to more restful restorative poses. A delicious blend of yoga styles that leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. All levels welcome.

Slow Flow Yoga (Megan) – With a focus on breath and awareness, this energetic class mindfully layers asana, meditation and breathwork. Classes are modified to benefit the experienced beginner, intermediate and advanced yogi.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing (Deborah) – Join yoga teacher, Reiki master, and sound therapist Deborah to give yourself permission to Rest & Renew with this 90-minute class. Reconnect with yourself, go within, and bring more flow into your life.

To support your practice, Deborah will facilitate a rejuvenating sound healing experience using singing bowls and other instruments while you are in the postures. This will help your body and mind to experience deep relaxation & healing. The sound frequencies bring awareness to any stagnation within your body and mind, helping to bring your body into alignment at a cellular level.

This practice suits everybody, even those who have not practiced yoga before. All are welcome.

Ball Circuit with Sefi

Ball circuit training provides an integrated and accessible full-body workout using stability balls, small balls, flex bands, flex loops, and weights. This class offers a variety of easily-modifiable moves to accommodate participants of all levels.

Pilates Plus with Sefi

Contemporary Pilates exercises to tone, strengthen, and increase total body awareness. A Barre component adds to the standing and balance training, and a variety of resistance bands, body-rolling balls, and small weights can be added to challenge your core and more. Not your average Pilates class. Suitable for all levels.

Tai Chi with Hans (8 classes, all levels)

An 8-week non-competitive basic class for women and men, using a no-contact progressive style, each week features a Chi Gong inspired, free form warm-up, a structured training segment, and a complete 24-form Taoist style session. Tai Chi’s balance and agility practice helps prevent falls, improves posture, and breathing.  Scientific studies have shown that practicing Tai Chi can boost mental focus and improve conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and respiratory diseases.

No equipment needed, just wear comfy clothes. No street shoes in the studio; please bring slippers, just go barefoot, or wear thin cotton socks.

Starts on Tuesday, December 6. The eight week program is FREE, however we suggest that each student donate 1,000 pesos. ALL the funds will go to our chosen charity or the East Cape Recycle initiative. 

Singing for Fun with Jeanette

Come and sing with us out on the patio and in the garden!