Welcome to Yoga Garden


Between November and the end of April, Yoga Garden offers a full schedule of yoga, Pilates, core fitness, tai chi, and other wellness practices to residents and visitors in our tranquil garden setting in Los Barriles, Baja California Sur. Walk-ins are welcome. No reservations are necessary unless noted on the class schedule.

erecting the penjorThe Joy of Giving

In April 2017, Holly Burgin traveled to Bali for her brother’s wedding in the small mountain farming village of Pancasari. She was enthralled to be there during the semi-annual Hindu Galungan ceremony, when residents and businesses erect colorful penjors to honor the spirits of ancestors and certain gods who visit during these times.

Yoga Garden was under construction at the time, but Holly envisioned one of these beautiful shrines waving gently in the new garden. So she set about finding all the elements, packing them into a large duffle bag, and bringing them back to Mexico. 18 months later, Holly’s penjor graces our space for all to enjoy. Thank you Holly for this wonderful gift.

Read Holly’s summary of Bali’s Penjor here.

Yoga Garden offers a fun selection of custom yoga mat bags, personal bolster bags, and other unique and practical gifts for yourself or the ones you love. Check out our retail corner at the studio or Yoga Garden Baja on Etsy.