Welcome to Yoga Garden

Yoga Garden’s 2021/2022 season will begin in November. Check back with us towards the end of the summer for updates on next season’s classes and health & safety protocols. We are hopeful for more open, less restrictive practices by November, and wish you all good health until we see you again.

Yoga Garden’s 2020/21 season was certainly a challenge. We are exceedingly grateful that we were able to offer live classes and continue to support our Los Barriles community during the pandemic. We appreciate how cooperative everyone was in support of the COVID protocols. We look forward to next season with optimism that things will be more normal by then.
There’s always room for more at Yoga
Garden. Even during COVID, classes
continued with strict adherence to
safety protocols for personal hygiene,
social distancing, and disinfecting of our
studio spaces after every class.
Our spacious studio was designed and
equipped for optimal ventilation. We added an
industrial air filter to keep our inside air clear.

COVID protocols/Session Three: February 22 – April 2, 2021

Check the schedule to determine which classes you want to attend, then sign up with the instructor directly.  Each teacher will provide you with more information on their classes and fee schedules.  

As a reminder, here are the procedures we follow at Yoga Garden to ensure a clean and safe environment for your practice.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students inside the 1500 sq. ft. studio. Outdoor patio space is available by arrangement with the individual instructors. Yoga Garden will continue to strictly follow all of the protocols set out by the County of La Paz. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as the situation changes.

Masks are now required to be worn the entire time you are inside the studio, including for the duration of your class. If you are not able to wear a mask for extended periods, you will be asked to set up your mat on the patio with appropriate social distancing. Outdoor students may borrow a thicker mat to put under their personal mat for more padding against the concrete surface. 

Here are rules for practicing at Yoga Garden this season:

  1. Maximum of 12 students are allowed in the studio space for each class.  
  2. Reservations and payment for the six-week sessions must be made in advance with the individual instructors. 
  3. You MUST bring your own mat. If you’re on the patio, you may borrow a thicker mat for additional padding under your own mat.
  4. Bring your own water bottle as there will be no “fresh water crock” available.
  5. If you have your own props, please bring them. Studio props (except mats) will be available and they will be sanitized after each use. 

Here is what coming to your class at Yoga Garden will look like:

You will enter through the round Moon Gate, wearing your mask and staying at least 6 feet apart.  

Before entering the studio space, we will sign you in,  we will take your temperature, you will use the provided hand sanitizer and then take off your shoes and come in.

You will place your mat on the blue tape markers on the floor.

You will be required to wear your mask for the entire class if you are practicing inside the studio. If you are not able to wear a mask for extended periods of time, depending on the teacher, they may allow you to place your mat outside on the concrete patio.  All three of the big pocket doors will be open to the outdoors.

After the class is over, you will pick up your personal belongings, and exit through the northern sliding door, placing any studio props that you used on provided shelves outside on the patio in the sun…then you will exit through the red metal gate on the north side of the property.

We have added a large air filtration unit that advertises almost complete (99.5%) destruction of viruses and bacteria as well as clearing the air of dust, molds, pollen and dander.  This unit is used before and after each class and can be used during class depending on the teachers’ and students’ preferences.  

All restrooms and other “high touch” surfaces are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this season and getting through this together, always with the hope that we will all remain safe, healthy, and well during these challenging times.